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BUYO BIZEN Arts ® introduces traditional Japanese artwork to enrich our society. Each traditional Japanese artwork shows elegant, unique, enriched, sensitive, aesthetic and its beauty. Currently, we sell Bizen Yaki, a ceramic artwork with a long history.

Bizen Yaki

Originating one thousand years ago, Bizen Yaki is one of the most ancient types of pottery. "Bizen" is name of region of Okayama prefecture in Japan. "Yaki" means "ceramics" and "pottery". Each piece of Bizen Yaki has unique pattern and color.
BUYO BIZEN Arts ® provides sensational appeal to our modern hectic society, and surely, it contributes to enrich our society.

Process of Bizen Yaki

The process of making Bizen Yaki has not changed since its origins a thousand years ago, requiring special techniques and a large length of time. We use no glaze.
Unbaked pieces of Bizen Yaki are placed in a kiln. There, they are fired for ten days and nights, with temperatures reaching more than thirteen hundred degrees Centigrade. Japanese red pine is the only fuel source.

In the kiln, fire flame and ashes of the Japanese red pine combined together, creating various types of colors and patterns on its surface. Each pattern and color is unique.

Traditionally, Bizen Yaki had been used for ritual or religious utensils.
Today, Bizen Yaki is used for everyday life: flower vases, Japanese tea ceremony, beer mug etc.

BUYO BIZEN Arts ® will introduce other types of traditional Japanese artworks in the future.